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War Horse

The Story In Concert: The Collector's Edition


Release Date: 24/11/2017

Discs: 5

‘War Horse: The Story In Concert’ is released on BMG on November 10th 2017. This remarkable album follows the hugely successful concert at The Royal Albert Hall last Year. Michael Morpurgo reads his poignant and emotionally-charged novel with co-narrator multi-award-winning national treasure Joanna Lumley, accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra. Olivier, Tony and OBIE award-winning British designer Rae Smith has created animated illustrations of Morpurgo’s book that feature amongst the beautiful merchandise that will accompany the music.

- Custom-made military styled canvas bag
- 12” case bound book featuring the full script of the narrated story with illustrations by Rae Smith
- Double vinyl with exclusive artwork sleeves
- 3 audio CDs and DVD (also includes download card for digital audio files)
- Bespoke leather folio with 2 exclusive Rae Smith art cards
- Set of 4 Rae Smith Art postcards
- Certificate of authenticity signed by Michael Morpurgo)
- Hand written sheet music
- Tailored leather bound sketch book and pencil
- Replica WW1 Identity Tag

Only 1000 copies of this Collectors’ Edition have been produced.

A lucky horseshoe will be included in 10 special packages.


1. Devon At Peace (with narration)
2. Only Remembered (with narration)
3. Albert and Joey (with narration)
4. Rolling Home (with narration)
5. First Gallop
6. We're At War! (with narration)
7. The Scarlet And The Blue
8. Captain Nicholls (with narration)
9. The Promise (with narration)
10. Very Nasty Indeed
11. Salisbury Plain (with narration)
12. Crossing The Channel
13. Goodbye Dolly Gray
14. The Wounded (with narration)
15. Forward! (with narration)
16. First Charge (with narration)
17. Stand To
18. Trooper Warren (with narration)
19. Second Charge (with narration)


1. The Field Hospital (with narration)
2. Emilie's Theme
3. Sonnenschein (with narration)
4. Stille Nacht (with narration)
5. The Best Times (with narration)
6. The year Turns Round Again
7. The Gun Team (with narration)
8. Pulling The Gun (with narration)
9. Friedrich's Theme (with narration)
10. Topthorn's Death (with narration)
11. Into The Crater (with narration)
12. The Tank (with narration)
13. Joey's Night (with narration)
14. No Man's Land (with narration)
15. The Veterinary Hospital (with narration)
16. Albert And Joey Reunited (with narration)
17. The End Of The War (with narration)
18. From Emilie (with narration)
19. Devonshire Carol (with narration)
20. Only Remembered (Finale)


1. Devon At Peace
2. Only Remembered
3. Albert and Joey
4. Rolling Home
5. First Gallop
6. The Scarlet And The Blue
7. The Promise
8. Very Nasty Indeed
9. Crossing The Channel
10. Goodbye Dolly Gray
11. The Wounded
12. First Charge
13. Stand To
14. Second Charge
15. The Field Hospital
16. Emilie's Theme
17. Sonnenschein
18. Stille Nacht
19. The Year Turns Round Again
20. Pulling The Gun
21. Friedrich's Theme
22. Topthorn's Death
23. Into The Crater
24. The Tank
25. Joey's Night
26. Albert And Joey Reunited
27. From Emilie
28. Devonshire Carol
29. Only Remembered (Finale)

DVD: The Making Of War Horse – The Story In Concert. Featuring interviews with Michael Morpurgo, Joanna Lumley .



1. Devon At Peace
2. Only Remembered
3. Albert and Joey
4. Rolling Home
5. First Gallop
6. The Scarlet And The Blue


1. The Promise
2. Very Nasty Indeed
3. Crossing The Channel
4. Goodbye Dolly Gray
5. The Wounded
6. First Charge
7. Stand To
8. Second Charge



1. The Field Hospital
2. Emilie's Theme
3. Sonnenschein
4. Stille Nacht
5. The Year Turns Round Again
6. Pulling The Gun
7. Friedrich's Theme
8. Topthorn's Death


1. Into The Crater
2. The Tank
3. Joey's Night
4. Albert And Joey Reunited
5. From Emilie
6. Devonshire Carol
7. Only Remembered (Finale)